Our Story

We’ve lived the problems of health care, both as patients and servants in the industry. The solutions and products we provide are directly aimed at real world problems. We exist to serve patients and providers. This focus is carried into our service to organizations focused on improving care for patients.


Our Mission is to enhance the quality and value of care by empowering patients and providers.


Our Vision is to improve care by enhancing the relationship between the two most important healthcare stakeholders: the patient and the provider. To do this, we are focused on delivering tools to solve real problems and helping organizations and providers who share our core mission. At our core, we are a solutions company, not just a products company.  If your mission is to serve, we are here to help.

Our foundational belief is technology should support the efforts of patients, physicians and providers. Technology should be simple, effective and valuable. 

We believe in supporting and promoting the rights of patients while providing elegant solutions for providers to help them serve their patients. We believe every patient has the right to receive the highest quality care possible and every physicians has the desire to provide the highest level of service. For us, this is accomplished by the efficient and elegant management and sharing of health information.

Our Team

Buzz White
CEO, Co-Founder


Jerry Round.png

Jerry Scott

Anjum Khurshid, MD, PhD
Chief Medical Officer

Babu Balasubramanian
Mad Scientist

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