myBlueHub Solutions

We offer fully compliant solutions to physician practices, hospitals, laboratories, and health plans.



myBlueHub is a secure solution for the cumbersome Release of Information process allowing you and your staff to spend less time, effort and costs complying with requests. We provide a simple, safe and compliant system to manage and service your requests. We authenticate users and requestors and give you multiple delivery mechanisms from faxing to full systems integration. This helps reduce the burden of time and costs to comply with requests for information. myBlueHub also allows you to view any element of a patient’s complete, longitudinal medical record.

myBlueHub can be a simple and secure delivery mechanism (with the option to fax, upload or send via Direct message) or we can implement a fully integrated solution to automate the entire process (or only those manual elements you want to eliminate).

myBlueHub also allows you to request information from other providers on behalf of your patient and view any element of the patient’s longitudinal record.



myBlueHub enables providers to connect with patients, share health information with patients and other providers, view relevant clinical information from other sources in the patient’s longitudinal record, improve patient satisfaction, and engage with patients in trusted and meaningful ways.

We are not an outsourced solution. Rather, we give you the power to take control of the Release of Information process much more efficiently. This means less time, less risk and the ability to generate revenue.

Physicians and provider organizations can sign up for a Provider Account. With a Provider Account, you can view all your myBlueHub patients and their shared information, search for a patient and request sharing of information from patients and other providers. 

myBlueHub provides you the ability to see your patient's complete longitudinal health record. You can even download patient information to include in your own record as necessary. There are no integrations or interfaces required.