With myBlueHub, you are in control of your medical record. You can request, manage, organize, and share your health information.

Chances are, you’ve seen more than one doctor in your life. This means your medical records are spread across many different organizations, including physician offices, hospitals, clinics, and labs to name a few. Managing your medical record is virtually impossible. Just as important, your doctor faces these same challenges! Imagine trying to see the whole picture of a partially completed puzzle. 

myBlueHub allows you to share your information with your doctors as needed.  We believe that giving you the power to share your information with the right people at the right time will help you get the care you deserve.



myBlueHub is FREE!

myBlueHub is completely FREE for patients.  Your myBlueHub account comes with unlimited storage for health information documents, unlimited sharing and unlimited requests.

myBlueHub is Simple

myBlueHub does the heavy lifting for you.  Don't spend your time entering medical information by hand or trying to physically track down every document from different providers.

If you already have your records on paper or digitally from your doctors, that information can be put into your myBlueHub account too. 

myBlueHub is Secure

Your data is safe. Our encryption and security practices exceed industry standards.  BlueHub Health doesn’t sell your data to advertisers; this is your data, and it remains under your control.

myBlueHub is Family Focused

Every family has a Chief Health Officer, someone who manages all things health for each family member. Sometimes this is mom or dad or children of elderly parents. Whoever that is in your family, myBlueHub is here to help the CHO.