You've received a request through myBlueHub, now what?



How to Comply with the Request and Deliver Records through myBlueHub

You have a couple options to deliver records to myBlueHub. With either option, records will be sent directly to the requesting entity (patient, provider, health plan, etc) securely and electronically. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 1.888.862.3638 or email us at


Option 1: Create account

Sign up for a free myBlueHub trial account and simply upload the documents directly in myBlueHub. We will need to provision your account and assign an account administrator, this will not take long (less than 24 hours). No credit card or payment information is required.


Option 2: fax to myBlueHub

Fax the requested information to


myBlueHub will deliver the information to the requesting party. Please include a coversheet with the patient's name and date of the request.

If you need to mail physical records, you can address them to:

Attn: BlueHub Health Release

Box 10289

Austin, TX 78766



Frequently Asked Questions

What is myBlueHub?

myBlueHub is a secure platform that allows you to manage the Release of Information process from end to end. myBlueHub will serve as a central resource to collect all requests and as a secure delivery tool. myBlueHub replaces your fax machine, reduces your risk of complying and eliminates the need for paper, envelopes and postage.

Can myBlueHub help me Meet Meaningful Use?

Yes. myBlueHub can track the numerator and denominator for Release of Information request compliance. The requirement in Meaningful Use is to answer 50% of requests from patients within 3 days. myBlueHub is NOT MU certified, the reporting mechanism for this metric is not required to be MU certified as long as the EMR/EHR is MU certified.

Is myBlueHub Secure?

Yes. myBlueHub uses highly secure encryption standards and adheres to the guidelines set forth by HIPAA. myBlueHub also ensures that the documents you are delivering are going to the right person.

Can I use myBlueHub for all my Release of Information requests?

Yes. You can direct all requests through myBlueHub. Requests can come from patients, health plans, governmental agencies, attorneys, etc.

Can I use myBlueHub to request my patient’s records from other providers?

Yes. myBlueHub allows you to request information on behalf of your patient from other providers. This is a significantly more efficient process than calling and faxing other offices. myBlueHub can be impactful for new patients allowing you to efficiently request records from previous physicians. If the other provider does not have a myBlueHub account, that is OK too.  We will fax/email the provider to request the information and give them the option to fax the record/documentation to myBlueHub.

Is myBlueHub a Patient Portal?

No. myBlueHub is not trying to be a patient portal and is not certified as a patient portal. myBlueHub is offered as a service to patients (and can be offered on your behalf with your branding and messaging). myBlueHub collects information through the request and release of information process and is vendor agnostic. myBlueHub does not rely on deep integrations with EMR/EHR systems to operate.

How much does myBlueHub cost?

myBlueHub is free to test for 30 days. After the trail, myBlueHub is $50 per credentialed provider per month. Each credentialed provider can have any number of users associated (mid-levels, managers, admin staff, etc). We're happy to discuss your needs!