Welcome to myBlueHub!

You're on your way to easily taking control of your medical record.  Never forget, you are the reason we get out of bed every day, so if you need anything, please don't hesitate to reach out directly to us at howdy@bluehubhealth.com. We're here to serve you!

Let's get started!

Change Your Password!!!

It's important to immediately change your password from your initial password provided by BlueHub Health.  It's good practice to change this often. Click on the Change Password link at the top of the page.

Ensure Your Profile Information is Correct

Click on the Edit Profile link at the top of the page and ensure your information is correct. This information is used by your physicians and providers to identify you when they receive a request for your records from our system.

Request Your Information

Now it's time to start requesting your information. Click on the Request Clinical Information icon on the left. If you physician is a user, you can search by name in the first box. Since we are pretty new, there's a chance that you physician doesn't have an account just yet.  That's OK!

If you physician or provider doesn't have an account, you can enter their fax number in the next box. The fax number can usually be found on your provider's web site where they have information on how to request your records. Once you enter the fax number, we take care of everything including autopopulating the HIPAA release form and faxing it to your provider's office.

You will need to digitally sign the HIPAA release form before it can be sent. Click on the Create Digital Signature box to do this.  You can view a copy of the HIPAA release form we send to your providers at www.bluehubhealth.com/HIPAAform

Upload Your Own Information

You probably have some information already either on paper or electronic format. You can upload this information directly into myBlueHub by clicking on the Upload My Information link on the left. If your documents are on paper, scan them to your computer and drag/drop them into myBlueHub.

My Information

Once you've started building your medical record in myBlueHub, you can access your documents by clicking on the My Clinical Information link on the left. Here you will see a list of documents. Currently, when you click a document, it downloads it before it lets you view it. We're working on changing that so the document can be viewed directly in your browser. Becuase of this, we don't recommend opening your documents on a public computer.

Share Information

Here's the GREAT PART! Now you can share your information with your physician with the click of a button. After clicking the Share Clinical Information link on the left, select which documents you want to share, then select the physician/provider you want to share them with.  It's that simple!

The Share Clinical Information section includes an "inbox" where you will see requests from your physicians to see your record. If you don't have any requests, this will be empty.






You can switch between your Requests Pending inbox and Share Clinical Information screen by clicking the tabs at the top of the section.






Do not share your record with anyone unless you know who they are!